Monday, February 16, 2009


वो पल याद आते है
तेरे साथ बिताये
हर लम्हे याद आते है
वो लड़ना , वो झगड़ना
वो बात बात पर अड़ना
वो प्यार वो तकरार
दोनों मे वो खींच तान
रूठना और मनाना
रोना और रुलाना
हँसना और हँसाना
वो हाथ पकड़कर चलना
ये सुब वो धुन्द्ली यादे है
जिनका अब कोई अर्थ नही


  1. well......the thing that catches mind is the simplicity in this poem. whatever the hardcore writters or crirics may say about this, but i liked it very much. This poem is potraying a confined mind which is not even trying to come out of the memories of the time spent with his loved one.
    The poet is doing good and the thing that is lacking is the illusion, just move an inch forward and u will be at the right place.
    Afterall experience has no alternate.
    All The Best.